Dr. Lang's Personnel File

Name: Dr. [REDACTED] Lang

Security Clearance: Level 2

Position: Assistant Researcher to Researcher Janston, Field photographer, Field Agent, UIU Spy

Site: Site-Kappa-112 (When not on the field)

History: Dr. Lang was recruited in 1997 following a situation where he and Test Subject [REDACTED] were effected by WOF-001. Dr. Lang was found in critical condition but was revived by GRU Medical staff. He is most known for his help in photographing suspected WOFs in the wild. He is also well known to command for his work as an undercover UIU spy do to his previous work with the FBI. He is Site-Kappa-112's chief photographer.

Disciplinary Record: Dr. Lang was demoted from Level 3 to Level 2 clearance due to an incident where Dr. Lang shot WOF-001 with an AK-47 after feeling the anomalous effects of said WOF.

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