How to Write a Wierd Object File

By: Agent Ross

The following is the template for writing a Weird Object File.

Object #: WOF-XXX

Danger Level: (This can be either High for items that can harm humans or Low for non dangerous oddities. It can also be Embla for a possible world ending WOF)

Description: Here you must give a detailed background on the object. Think of it as if you are a police officer and are writing a police report. (A description must be made almost like an SCP see them at the SCP website

Experiment Log: Leave blank for Researchers to write in. here is what an experiment log should look like.

Experiment log #: XXX
Researcher: Insert desired name here (If you can it should mach your personnel file name and please, only one experiment per account per file)
Item: XXX
Test Subject Name:
Begin Log: Here write a detailed report on what happened. This can be decided by you.

Code (copy+paste this into your WOF article):

**Object #:** WOF-XXX

**Danger Level:** Low/High/Embla


**Experiment Log:** 

**Experiment log #: XXX**
**Item: XXX**
**Test Subject Name:**
**Begin Log:**
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