Site Rules

Note: These rules must be followed by ALL site members at all times. Failing to abide by them may result in a Site Ban!

Age Limit

Due to the content on this site, there is a 13+ age limit required to edit. We know how old you are by how you act and if you act like a child you will be treated as such and be banned.


The three Rs of Respect:

  • Resolve: if you have a problem with a user, report it to an Admin, that's what where here for. Do not try to argue with the user. doing so may result in a ban for all involved parties.
  • Respond: If someone sends you a message, please respond as soon as possible.
  • Respect: The big R, be nice to others as you would want them to be to you. Do not make rude, racist, sexist or hate comments or posts. They will be deleted and you will be banned

Listen to the Admins

The admins of this wiki take part of their free time to manage this site. We work to make sure this wiki maintains order and deserve some respect. If you break the rules and get banned or have your membership revoked for breaking them, it's your own fault. If you feel you need a second chance, were banned for too long or were banned despite not violatng the rules, you may contact an admin to appeal.

For a list of admins, see here.


The following are the consequences for breaking one or more of the Site Rules. Note that these rules are unbendable and it dosn't matter how active on the site you are or how many WOFs you've published, you will be treated the same no matter what.

  • If you break a small rule once(Ex. posting a personnel file without the correct rank) you will be given a warning, if broken twice, you will be given a 24 hour ban from the site, if you break it three times, you will be perminently banned but you could re-aply and we might except you back. If you break a rule more than four times, you will be forever banished from the site.
  • If you exibit rude behavior, you will be given ONE warning and if you continue to exibit rude behavior, you will get banned but can re-aply.
  • If you are under 13 years of age, you will be banned No Exceptions!
  • If an admin or moderator thinks that you are acting rude or anoying, they will act how they seem fit. If you feel that they are acting unfairly, you may apeal to a different admin at any time.


Please do not use any copyrighted images or works of any type without permission, were really not in the mood to deal with a lawsuit beacuse you had to have the perfect photo of a statue.- Agent Ross


If your post recieves over 12 downvotes in 24 hours or 20 downvotes at any time, your file will be deleted.

PS, please do not rate your own works and the rate bar is not automatic, to add a rate box do command:

[[module Rate]]

If you have any other questions, please contact me at moc.liamg|53ulbrahC#moc.liamg|53ulbrahC and I will give you more info.

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