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Greetings, New Recruit. My name is Director ███████. But you will refer to me as Agent Ross. I am the supreme Commander and senior researcher for the GRU Division "P".

What is Division "P"?

That's classified.

What is the GRU?

This is all the public knows and you don't need to know much more than that. All that matters is that you know we exist and that you plan to act on it. What your role here is very clear (They should've told you when you joined). Your job is to find and observe weird and strange objects. That's it! We have other units to bag 'em (Assuming that you are not one of them anyway). Anyway, after you have found an object your job is to write a report here, on the official dadabase of the GRU. How do you write one? well if you want to learn how, click here. Anyway while working here, you can choose one of five jobs.

  1. Field Agent: the most common job that all new recruits start with (your job description was listed above) you also can make a personnel file for yourself on the personnel files page..
  2. Researcher: Your job is to read the reports that the Field Agents publish and create experiment logs for them. (You must have created at least four successful "Weird Object Files" in order to qualify for this position)
  3. Container: Your the ones I referenced above. You bag the object and take it to the closest containment base. then you do the same as the researcher but you can wright more than one experiment log. (Must have made at least 9 successful experimrnt logs to qualify)
  4. The Watcher: Your job is to infultrate our counterpart organization to find out what they know and report back to commanders what you know. (no qualifications required)
  5. Commanders: This is the highest on the food chain. (I am the head Commander known as the Director) Your job is to be a moderator for this site. (you must be a Container or higher and message me an application at moc.liamg|53ulbrahC#moc.liamg|53ulbrahC with COMMANDER in the subject line. I will reply with my answer as soon as possible).

Good luck Agent on your new Role here.

Best Wishes - Agent Ross


Logged Out.

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