The Promotion
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Unknown: Hello Mr. ███████.

Agent Ross: It's Ross, actually.

Unknown: My apologies, Mr… Ross.

Agent Ross: No problem. Now, why did you want to see me sir?

Unknown: Ah, yes. Mr. Ross, I have noticed that you have shown a large interest in WOF-001, why is that you think?

Agent Ross: I… Don't exactly know, Sir. It's just that there's something strange about it. You do understand, don't you sir?

Unknown: But of course, I was like you once, young and curious. But now as you can see, I'm an old man.

Agent Ross: I understand sir, but…

Unknown: Don't interrupt me when I'm talking to you!

Agent Ross: Sorry sir, please do go on.

Unknown: Thank you. Now as I was saying, I am an old man now and can no longer serve as Head Director of GRU Division "P". That is why I must find a replacement.

Agent Ross: A replacement, sir?

Unknown: Yes, someone who can take charge of things around here and you seem like a good fit.

Agent Ross: Me, sir?

Unknown: Yes, you. You've done a lot in your past 10 years. Making your way up from a janitor all the way to senior agent.

Agent Ross: Thank you, sir.

Unknown: I will announce it tomorrow. So, will you do it?

Agent Ross: Under one condition.

Unknown: What would that be?

Agent Ross: Can I please get a cool secret agent jacket?


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