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Object #: WOF-003

Danger Level: Low

Description: WOF-003 is a male Leopard Gecko (Eublepharis macularius). When any human comes into physical contact with WOF-003, said human will begin to feel light headed and within ten minutes, will slip into a coma. When anyone enters a coma due to WOF-003, they will not awaken and eventually die.

At this time, WOF-003 is being stored in a 10 gallon tank in Site Sigma-01's Low Threat Containment Unit and is not to be handled under any circumstances. If physical contact occurs, the subject who made contact is to be terminated by nearest armed guard and the body is to be transported to [REDACTED]. WOF-003 is to be fed twice daily with the food normally given to a reptile of the same species and is to be given a new bowl of water every 6 hours or when deemed appropriate. All personnel may view WOF-003 when not on duty. Due to the fact that WOF-003 is only deadly when touched, it is ranked as a low threat object.

Addendum: Emergency Action: In the event of a site wide containment breach, WOF-003 is to be transported off site if possible. If WOF-003 breaches containment, a site-wide lockdown is to be activated and all personnel are to be transported to Site Omega-5. All security personnel sent to look for WOF-003 are to be un-armed wearing level-3 hazmat suits. Due to the nature of WOF-003, use of force is not necessary and any personnel found to be using force are to be punished accordingly.

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